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Prime Fund Management, LLC specializes in hedge fund investment strategies for qualified institutional and individual investors. We apply a disciplined investment process and risk management tools to construct diversified hedge fund portfolios in order to help our clients achieve their objectives. In addition, we manage funds that provide capital to start-up and early stage hedge funds.

Prime Fund Management, LLC is a manager of hedge funds and fund of hedge funds. Established in 2001, the firm is committed to providing investors with consistent capital appreciation while managing risk through the use of a multi manager, multi-strategy program.

Prime Fund of Funds gives an investor the ability to gain access to distinctive managers who's partnerships are closed to new investors or with whom investors may not otherwise be able to directly invest.

Prime is focused on the following investment activities:

While these are the areas of focus, Prime engages in a broad range of investment activities. Across this investing spectrum, its primary objective is to achieve a relatively high risk-adjusted rate of return without the degree of volatility experienced by the major stock market averages.